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What we offer

Equipped and cosy rehearsal rooms for you and your band in Brno. It has been 10 years since we established the very first rehearsal room ourselves and shared it with other bands. Now, we are offering the room also to you and your band.

The Concept

Equipped and shared rehearsal rooms for bands or individuals. There are three rooms at the moment (36 m2, 24 m2 and 16 m2). The two smaller rehearsal rooms have also small storage rooms for your music gear and hardware.

The Equipment

Every rehearsal room has basic free-to-use equipment: Sound system (speakers, mixing console, amplifier and cables), microphone and a stand, drum kit (you should have your own cymbals and a snare). If something breaks or does not work, you let us know and we take care of it. Also, no one should play on others‘ gear! That is clear.


We use a shared Google calendar so you know when your rehearsal room is available and you can book it in advance. Moreover, we are people and we can reach an agreement. For example, when you need to rehearse intensively before your concert.


All the rooms are easily accessible 24/7; so even when you are returning late from a concert, you can easily put your gear back into the rehearsal room. The access is by car, right at the doorstep; and if you take a tram or a bus, you just need to walk a bit.

The Rehearsal Rooms in Numbers

rehearsal rooms

years of experience

satisfied bands
(throughout these years)

How Much?

We wouldn’t like to leave anyone out when we say we offer the rooms to bands or drummers. Hence, if you are, for example, a guitarist who likes to play it loud, it is not a problem either; simply, choose the tariff “Drummer“ and text us :-)

The Drummer

799 CZK

  • Space in a shared room
  • Freely available drum kit (without snare and cymbals)
  • Entrance according to the calendar
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The Band

The Best Choice

1 299 CZK

  • Space in a shared room
  • Freely available drum kit (without snare and cymbals)
  • Sound system and a microphone with a stand
  • Guaranteed access (1 day Mon-Fri and 1/2 day Sat-Sun)
  • Entrance according to the calendar
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The Band - unshared

7 500 CZK

  • The whole room only for yourself
  • Limited offer
  • Unlimited access
  • Standard equipment
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The prices include all the fees and installments for the rent and utility bills. The price is final including VAT. Renting is based on a lease agreement with the notice period of 2 months.

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How to start

How does it work and what to expect from us? It is easy to start rehearsing at our rehearsal rooms!
  • Výběr tarifu zkušebny

    Choose the rehearsing type

    Are you a drummer or do you have a band? We have more rooms to be chosen from and we are able to offer the perfect room to you.

  • Vyplněný kontaktní formulář

    Contact us

    You definitely would like to see what our rehearsal rooms look like, we count on that. Write an e-mail or leave a message via the contact form and we will answer ASAP; leave us your phone number as well. We will gladly answer your questions and agree on the visit.

  • Návštěva zkušebny

    Come and visit us

    The rehearsal rooms are located in Brno, in Cacovice district (near Tomkovo náměstí). You can easily park your car at the areal. The rooms are kept under safe locks, literally 5 doors of safeness. All the rooms are equipped with a drum kit for free use, acoustically treated (enhanced) and they have their own shared calendar (who and when is rehearsing).

  • The very last details

    You can start rehearsing right now! We will pick a regular time slot together which will suit you and your band. We will put it in the shared calendar so no one else can book it. Then, we will sign a lease agreement. The rent is always paid as a wire transfer (to a bank account) at the beginning of the month.

  • Welcome!

So do not hesitate!

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Where are our rehearsal rooms

Cacovice 2, Brno

Tram no. 4, Čtvery hony stop, 8-minute walk.

Trolleybus no. 25 or 26, bus no. 44 or 84 Tomkovo náměstí stop, 10-minute walk.

Other contacts

Email: zkusebny@becymusic.cz
Telephone: +420 721 863 936
Facebook: Zkušebny Brno by BeCyMusic.cz